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Manitoban musicians memorial park


We are in the process of opening a memorial park in honour of musicians who have passed away. The Park is a little under an acre and is situated on the property of The Eriksdale Music Shop at 58 Vimy Rd in Eriksdale Manitoba , West Interlake region of Manitoba. We plan to have benches, plaques and walkways built in honour or fallen musicians.

This will be the grounds of the annual ROGERKIMLEE music festival that will happen once a year in Eriksdale, starting August 19- August 21 2022

This festival is in honour of 3 musicians and 3 music innovators of music in Manitoba, Roger Young, Kim Russell and Lee Oreniuk to find out more information on who they were please click on their names.

Donors are asked to donate to either honouring some one they know who has passed away or to the grounds in general. A stage is being built on the grounds and donors can ask that their plaque be placed on or around the stage.

The stage will be attached to an old school bus that will move within the township or stay right on the property and will be used for small municipal festivals (Think tiny home.) We are going to complete the project with or without donations,  but they would definitely be greatly appreciated.

To Our Sponsors

Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors for helping us get this event up and running.

McMunn & Yates Ashern, Eriksdale Music Shop, Eriksdale Redi-Mix, Bluegrass Apartments, Boneyard General Repair, Linden Johnson, Access Credit Union, .

RKL Music Festival Committee wishes to thank you for your support:

Interlake Co-op, RM of West Interlake, Eriksdale & District Chamber of Commerce, Breezy North Construction Co, Eriksdale Shop Easy Foods, NAPA Lundar, Bumper to Bumper Ashern, R & B Auto Eriksdale, and Randy's Tire & Sport Lundar, Iris Forsyth, Lundar Septic, Eriksdale Volunteer Fire Department.

Shoutouts to all of our many festival friends for coming out to support LIVE music!

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