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Below are the event details for the entire weekend, You dont want to miss a thing!

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Roger Leonard Young


 Roger Young, early 60's, was a very good friend, musician, red seal accomplished welder, with attention to fine detail on everything he did. Roger was the consummate, safe, biking lead guy and teacher. He did love speed. The way he wanted to end his life was on a bike... he got his wish.

Roger was born on June 14, 1956. He started riding dirt bikes when he was 14 years old – so he’d been riding 50 years – he felt honored to be able to brag about that. Riding his motorcycle was one of his greatest passions in life, and he didn’t let the weather, or even the snow, stop him! He started a career in welding when he was 14 years old, and grew to become a master fitter welder. He spent 10 long, hard years up in the Arctic working for Purvis Navcon Shipyards. It was a hard go, but he wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything. He spent the rest of his career as a welder/ fitter/welding supervisor in a variety of locations throughout Canada.

He was as passionate about his music as he was about his riding. He loved playing in front of a crowd, or around the fire, and he loved sharing his gift with others through his charisma and energy.

Roger impacted many lives in the riding community, the music community, the tradesmen community, and, of course, in his family circle.

David Kim Russell


Kim grew up in Portage La Prairie and was known as a quiet unassuming person. He was rarely out of the company of his sister Dawn and they remained very close throughout his life. One of Kim’s loves in his pre teen and early teen years was his horse Koal and he was often out riding in the woods along with other family members. Kim was most at home in nature and had a love of photography as well as being an avid fly fisherman who studied and perfected the art of fly-tying. He would always know whatto  supply his rookie older brothers with on their excursions to their cabin in the Duck Mountains. This was one of Kim’s favourite places in the world and he would go every chance he got. Jason or the brothers would join whenever possible.

Kim followed his older brothers into the music business and became an in demand session player as well as a well travelled and experienced stage musician. He played in several bands and situations with his brothers as well. His older brother Dale was the guitar player for "The Guess Who"

Kim was with out a doubt a musician’s musician.

Tony "Leon" Oreniuk


(Leon is on the right side of this photo)

Leon worked at Canada Post for 25 years and retired in 1993. He loved his family and friends dearly and had a deep appreciation and awe for the beauty and nature in this world and beyond. He enjoyed reading and continually asked questions because his curiosity and thirst for knowledge was endless.

Time spent with his family was precious and he felt his blessings were many. He owned a car but, surprisingly, walked everywhere because he was grateful to have his health and the ability to enjoy the outdoors, especially in the summer.  You could find him attending or volunteering at many of the summer festivals and musical events. His passion was music and he felt most at peace within a group of friends singing and strumming guitar, ukulele, or even a washboard.

Any opportunity to express and share his talents, and he was there to jam with enthusiasm, encouragement and support, and of course, that ever-gleaming smile. After meeting and speaking with Leon, you felt you made a lifelong friend because of his gift to make everyone feel special.